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Fan Arrested

Phoenix resident Daniel Patrick Combs lunged at Lohan and her friend, DJ Samantha Ronson outside Jackrabbit Lounge in Scottsdale, police said.. Lindsay Lohan fan was arrested early on Wednesday in Arizona after pushing past a nightclub security guard and trying to grab an actress, police said.
22.12.08 12:27

Paula Abdul Staying At Quot American Idol Quot

We said last week it was like Paula make the circuit touting the new season, her jewelry line on HSN and countless other projects. While the tour, Abdul said Barbara Walters and David Letterman that he was unhappy with the way producers handled the hearing of the alleged Stalker / fan Paula Goodspeed this summer apparently committed suicide in front of Abdul LA residence.. It is a master manipulator Paula Abdul? It would be the case.
22.12.08 12:27

Wake Up Call Jason Labarbera Sigh Rafael Furcal Brett Favre

The NY Jets are focused on winning the next two games to capture the AFC East crown, but even if they can do it, they could stay alive for a wild card.But former USC benchwarmer Matt Cassel in May to win everything - that has is having significant type of season.. Brett Favre is fun to watch, even if he moves more slowly and is also looking for ages.
22.12.08 12:27

Sienna Miller Gets An Angelina Jolie Style Makeover For Gi Joe Movie

Sienna Miller has joined a host of other eligible ladies of Hollywood who play in leather-clad superheros on screen. L actress will fight against crime in a sexy all-in-one skin perfectly in her new film GI Joe: Rise of Cobra.Sienna plays a Butt-kicking raven-haired baroness and her badass and sexy in one..
22.12.08 12:27

A Time Of Hope For Nfl Fans

L last week of NFL are the kind of reading, such as horoscopes. The Bears do not play until Monday night against the Packers, but if the Vikings lose the Falcons is that an alignment of the stars for the Bears to make the playoffs? Can the Steelers control their destiny with a victory over the Titans? He Giants finally blocked the negative karma?. Every fan is looking for signs, reasons to believe and slivers of hope.
22.12.08 12:27


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